Embedded System Development is challanging, but EPTeck Trainers with years of experience are there to grow your skill set as Embedded Developer for global market.

Training Courses and Learning Tracks

EPTeck vision is to develop embedded systems workforce for local and global market. In other fields like IT, Web and Software there is a possibility to get remote and on-demand trained workforce globally, but for embedded systems it is very different, there is no easy way produce and source this workforce globally. The most obvious reason is, Embedded Development is tough and challanging as it involves multi-disciplinary expertise, consequently less engineers tends to adopt it. Other reasons include, not building enough motivation for young engineer to take this path and if an engineer would like to be an embedded developer, then lack of clear learning path makes it impossible to reach the goal.

Trainers, at EPTeck with years of experience are there for motivation and build clear path to excel as embedded developer and provides structured training material for good understanding of both ends of embedded hardware and software.

EPTeck will achieve this by enabling a product development mindset and enabling needed skill set. We do assessments on your current skill set and create a career direction along with detailed learning tracks. Checkout our offered individual courses and standard learning tracks.

Courses We Offer