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Battery Management System

Battery Management System in need for Base Linux OS Design for STM32MP15 SoC using Yocto, supporting 4 Generations of Hardware, BMS Docker Container, Interfaces Bringup, Board Support Package, Over-The-Air-Update Solution, Gitlab-CI, Bootloader Management TFA and Bootloaders, Secureboot Implementation ​
Customer: European Leader in Retail PV Equipment​​

Industry: Energy​

Central Control Module for Heating System

Firmware & Base OS for Advanced Control Unit using iMX6 SoC and Yocto, Communication between different parts of Heating System based on SomeIP, Over-The-Air-Update Solution Deployment, Embedded Linux Platform Development and Linux Security, GitHub-CI workflows​
Customer: European Leader in Heating Systems

Industry: Energy & Heating​

Vibration Control Environment

Large-scale Micro-Vibration Cancelation equipment required a sophisticated control module. Base Embedded System with NXP iMX8 using Yocto, Remote Firmware Update, BSP for CPU and FPGA, DevOps and Gitlab-CI deployments
Customer: Worldwide Leader in environmental controls​

Industry: Industry & Manufacturing​

Smart Mobility Advertising

Base embedded system development for Intel x86 CPU using Yocto, Splash Screens, Dual parallel port Displays, Remote Firmware Update using Mender, Wi-Fi bring up and Bluetooth communication modules, GPS integration, GSM/LTE modules integration​
Customer: UZE, Innovative Advertising Startup​ ​

Industry: Media​

Advanced & Precise Thermal Imager

Base Embedded Linux OS for iMX6 using Yocto, MTP and Ethernet gadget over USB interface, LCD and dual Framebuffers display, Bootloader Management, Local Firmware Update over MTP interface​
Customer: European Leader in portable measurement tools & equipment​ ​ ​

Industry: Technology​

Innovative & Portable Security Radar Camera

Base Embedded Linux OS Development, Radars Data FPGA and preprocessing with DSP Blocks and IP Cores, Video Pipelines, tripple buffer overlays, custom BSP interfaces bringup, QRD Decomposition (Algorithms for Detection of Objects)​
Customer: Innovative Startup in Threat Detection​ ​

Industry: Technology​

Leading Chip Development

Firmware and SDK Development for single chip with multiple TX/RX Antennas and 24-60 GHz Radars. Firmware Development with multiple layer model, BSP layer, interface layer, protocol layer and application layer. Automated testing utilizing Pytest framework.​
Customer: Worldwide Leader in Chip Manufacturing ​ ​

Industry: Technology​

Precise Tool Monitoring Technology

RTOS based Firmware Development for STM32 using C++, HTTPs server implementation, REST API definition, Main controller with dual updates and remote chip update solution.​
Customer: European Leader in Tool Monitoring​ ​ ​

Industry: Technology​

Autonomous Robotic Transportation System

Deployment of Over-The-Air-Update solution utilizing Mender, self hosted Mender backend server deployment with load balancers and license manager, utilizing Docker and Kubernetes cluster​
Customer: Innovative Robotic Startup​ ​

Industry: Robots & Technology​

Smart Home Cleaning Robots Firmware & OS Development

Embedded Linux BSP development for iMX6 using Yocto, USBC multirole functionality, gadgets deployment and Firmware Update using MTP protocol.
Customer: European Leading Power Tool Manufacturer​ ​

Industry: Electronics​

Real-Time Asset Management & Theft Protection​

SmartNode is telemetric IoT device that includes data communication protocols, network management, real-time data sensing from 4 to 20 mA transducers powered by cloud based backend integrated with multi-role dashboard management system supported by a mobile app.
Customer: MCL, Asian Distributor of Gas​ ​

Industry: Oil & Gas​

Digital Manufacturing Management with Real-time Monitoring & Tracking​

Smartknit is an IoT device comprised of a microcontroller, RFID and Wi-Fi modules. It keeps track of any manual or machine production status which is monitored and controllable via dashboard and backend.
​Customer: Kay & Emms, Leading Asian Textile Manufacturer​ ​

Industry: Textile & Manufacturing​

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Dr. Turner CEO at Swarm Systems

As an IoT business, we are pleased with how well EPTeck has been able to assist us remotely. When it comes to sophisticated embedded & IoT project planning, budgeting, gathering customer input, and updating their embedded development work, they are precise, transparent and competent. Thanks to their highly skilled developers.

Malik Mudasar
Malik Mudassir CEO at Appsgenii Technologies

We got a chance to work with an amazing team of engineers at EPTeck. Loved the way how they did the job within said time. Main focus was to manage the interface layer for hardware devices with custom designed OS. We got what we were looking for, thanks to the state-of-the-art skills of engineers and backend developers at EPTeck.

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