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Dr. Turner CEO at Swarm Systems

We needed assistance for our sophisticated embedded & IoT project planning, budgeting, gathering customer input. Their highly skilled team helped us in a precise, transparent and competent way. We are very pleased with how well EPTeck has been able to help us!

Malik Mudasar
Malik Mudassir CEO at Appsgenii Technologies

We needed help with managing the interface layer for hardware devices with custom designed OS. Thanks to EPTeck we got what we were looking for. I particularly loved how they did the job within such a short period. Can't recommend them enough.


Before engaging with EPTeck, a leading power tool manufacturer was struggling with product performance and firmware updates of their cleaning robots.
After starting to work with EPTeck the latest firmware technologies were implemented resulting in high-performing cleaning robots with superior user experience.


Before engaging with EPTeck, an innovative Robotic Startup faced challenges in efficiently updating and maintaining their fleet of Autonomous Robotic Transportation Systems
After starting to work with EPTeck the implementation of the latest Over-The-Air-Update solution revolutionized the performance of the Autonomous Robotic Transportation System.


Before engaging with EPTeck, an innovative Startup faced challenges in creating a robust, portable, and efficient Threat Detection solution.
After starting to work with EPTeck the latest FPGA, DSP blocks, and IP Cores provided a powerful and adaptable security solution with enhanced processing power and increased accuracy in identifying potential threats in diverse environments.


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