Industrial Automation

Automation is the backbone of modern industry. Epteck being the leading Industrial Automation Solution provider is offering a training path for Professionals and engineering students to become an industrial automation engineer. You will start with learning of digital electronics which is backbone when connecting different parts of system electrically, then move on to PLC modules with multiple IO modules including HMIs and communication interfaces. Further you will learn how develop and maintain project according to industrial quality standards. This path includes following trainings combination.

Industrial Automation

EPT-1: Digital Electronics as basics for Embedded Systems

This training course provides a foundation in industrial digital electronics. You will gain an understanding of common industrial electronics concepts and applications by doing work with hand. This course will cover a broad range of electronic devices and components, starting from introduction to design and operate, use case scenarios and how effectively can be troubleshooed. For […]

EPT-5: Industrial process automation using PLCs

This course is aimed at benefiting those engineers and technicians who need to design, commission and maintain automation and process control systems using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s). The objective of the course is to provide the practicing engineer and technician with the necessary tools to design, specify, configure, install, and commission a complete PLC system. […]

EPT-11: Configuration and Quality Management

This course targets engineers who wish to use the Linux system in new embedded projects, and people supporting customers developing such systems. During training, through theory and practical labs, the course makes you familiar with the architecture of an embedded Linux system, how to build such a system, how to take advantage of open source […]