Embedded Design Services

With our core competencies, we are happy to support you as a strategic partner for the complete handling of your challenging development projects. We extend your hands in the following areas of embedded development.

Entrust Your Project To Our Team Of Professionals

EPTeck is specialized in Embedded product development involving multi-discipline expertise. We offer support in the development of technical solutions, from simple embedded machine control modules based on Micro controllers and SoCs to the implementation of complex firmware/software solutions for high-end products.

Based on your specifications and problem descriptions, we develop Embedded Firmware, Software and FPGA IP solution tailored to your requirements.

As an experienced service provider, EPTeck team can execute projects from start to finish using proven project management and execution techniques, helping customers avoid the steep learning curve that would otherwise be incurred during challenging projects.

We develop in Embedded C, C++ and VHDL for Xilinx Zynq SoCs, Atmel, PIC and ST Microcontrollers.

Embedded Firmware/Software

Embedded system for industry and consumer market is developed using Microcontroller, FPGA or SoCs. We offer full product development solution or partial support in following areas: –

Microcontroller firmware

SoC firmware and software

FPGA based development

High-end Embedded systems requires high security, connectivity, storage, and performance.

Embedded Linux

ARM Cortex application processors and Embedded Linux combination is becoming de-facto choice for future embedded and IoT solutions. EPTeck experts’ team, offers Embedded Linux Development and complete board support package generation for custom boards using following build systems: –

Yocto Project

Petalinux Toolchain


Our experts are working with following drivers

Device Driver Development

Biggest advantage of using embedded linux in projects is to take benefit of thousands of of-the-shelf high quality drivers. EPTeck offers drivers adoption and integration, as well as for some special cases develop new drivers from scratch.

Network Interface Driver

Char/Block Device Driver

USB Driver 2.0/3.0

PCIe Interface Driver


Software and UI/UX Development

EPTeck application programmers offers high quality GUI tools development for embedded systems, for cofigration, control, data analysis and data visualization. These tools can be WebUI based or multi platform desktop applications. We take modular approach and most of applications are developed around network sockets and by utilizing Nokia QT and Python frameworks

Visual C/C++

Nokia QT


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