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Does your BSP development suffer from complexity, time constraints and lag of experience?

EPTeck has the right BSP solution for you!

Our senior engineering experts provide you with all levels of BSP support:

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Our trusted technology partners:

Use EPTeck’s board support packages development services to accelerate your embedded software project.

EPTeck comes with a lot of expertise in embedded design services like custom BSPs, microprocessors, microcontrollers and reference cards. We are more than motivated to provide you with a board support package for a new platform to get your project going with the attention it deserves.

As an experienced service provider, EPTecks team can execute projects from start to finish using proven project management and execution techniques, helping you avoid the steep learning curve that would otherwise be incurred during challenging projects.

With our core competencies, we are happy to support you as a strategic partner for the complete handling of your challenging development project.

Linux Board Support Packages

At EPTeck our engineers can customize an embedded Linux system tailored to your specific needs and end-users. With more than two decades of experience in developing custom BSPs and adapting the Linux operating system to diverse products and industries, EPTeck has the expertise to help you develop your own custom embedded Linux system while developing your custom Linux BSP.

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Windows Board Support Packages

EPTeck is a globally recognized player in the development of Windows board support packages for Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013.

In addition to Windows board support package software development, EPTeck also offers maintenance services, dedicated support, and firmware and software integration for your Windows projects.

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Android Board Support Packages

EPTecks team develops Android board support packages for every new version of the mobile operating system. But more than that, we have tasked ourselves with helping you launch innovative products as a trusted partner. This means your projects will be delivered on time and on budget, meet market demands and expectations, and help you to grow your business.

We offer, develop and integrate innovative, efficient, and long-term software solutions that power Android devices, including Texas Instruments’ TI AM335x, TI AM437x, and TI AM57x processors, all of which are available to download on a self-service basis.

EPTeck ensures to develop your software and choose the best technology stack to adapt to your use case, your expectations and your constraints.

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Once your standard or customized board support package is developed and deployed, you can take advantage of our software expertise that extends to drivers, middleware, web, and mobile application development, machine-to-machine connectivity, and cloud connectivity.

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