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Does your BSP development suffer from complexity, time constraints and lag of experience?

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Use EPTeck’s board support packages development services to accelerate your embedded software project.

EPTeck comes with years long expertise in embedded design services like firmware development, real-time OS and customized embedded Linux solutions. 

Most IoT projects fail as resources are drained into middleware and board bring-ups 

We create the foundation for your business logic by developing reliable OS, drivers and middle layer for your customized hardware. 

Our highly skilled engineering teams take over your requirements and drive actionable work packages, utilise advanced tooling to achieve a clear development, testing and quality assurance process along with precise project management.   

EPTecks core competencies and ambition for a successful project outcome are expressed by well-structured work package delivery documentation and ongoing engineering support during the handover phase. 

EPTecks engineering team integrates seamlessly as a strategic partner for the completion of your development project. 

Linux Board Support Packages

EPTeck delivers customized Linux Board-Support-Packages by utilizing Yocto, Buildroot and OpenWRT for the tailored needs of our customers. EPTeck experts help you with customized Kernel Driver development, Board Bringup and Debugging Embedded Linux for diverse products in IOT industry. Moreover, we provide solutions around SystemD services, secure RootFS, multiple boot targets, as well as system monitoring and maintenance


EPTeck has the best services for edge & edgeless device Over-The-Air-Updates and Fleet Management. Our solution is scalable for limited network bandwidths, partial firmware updates and secure rollbacks. We provide an all-in-one package including OTA backend, secure device communication, dashboard and reliable installers by utilizing Mender, SWUpdate, RAUC, OSTree, HawkBit and Bosch Rollout.

First Stage & Second Stage Bootloaders & Drivers

EPTecks low level embedded system experts are able to deliver detailed customization and development of First Stage (FSBL, TF-A, SPL and many more) & Second Stage Bootloaders (Uboot, UEFI and many more). Moreover, we can extend bootloaders logic and drivers for board electronic components, like clock generators, power regulators, IO expanders, memory initialization and calibration and others.

EPTeck ensures to develop your software and choose the best technology stack to adapt to your use case, your expectations and your constraints.

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Once your standard or customized board support package is developed and deployed, you can take advantage of our software expertise that extends to drivers, middleware, web, and mobile application development, machine-to-machine connectivity, and cloud connectivity.

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