Automation Services

EPTeck is enhancing quality and quantity of production by automating industrial processes. Our experts are there to achieve maximum up-time by implementing predictive maintenance solution.

Enhancing quality and quantity of production by automation using PLCs and Embedded Systems.

EPTeck is the leading Industrial Automation Solution provider that help our customers to improve operational efficiency of process control to increase production volume while maintaining consistent quality in their product, machine and plant control systems.

Automation is the backbone of any modern industry. We offer the best process control systems available in the global market. Our range of process control systems is extremely flexible; from PLC, HMI & SCADA for small to large industry.

We align process expert team with each and every project to ensure that the needs of the customer are met. With our experience in many application environments, along with our understanding of technology trends and industry standards, we design creative solutions that make you more competitive.

We are providing Automation Services to following industries.


Food and Beverage


Filling and Packing

Home Automation



RO Plant &
Waste water Treatment

EPTeck Supports Many Automation Platforms Including

Automation Platforms

We at EPTeck support almost every single automation platform from PLC to SCADA, here a few shown below. We are working on wide range of automation from Home to Industry. Custom solutions of your problem and issues, we are also available if you have a new idea to automate anything, home appliance or industrial units.

Allen Bradley









State of The Art Industrial Automation Support

Industrial Automation Support

EPTeck provides ongoing customer support, from the initial system design to any updates made on legacy systems.
When an emergency or technical service issue arises, EPTeck has the engineers available to respond quickly to your situation. We understand how important it is to minimize downtime and resolve even the most complex issues promptly, completely and safely.

Risk assessment and guidance regarding purchases, repairs and migration to other system
Training and support for startup assistance
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Maintenance procedure and schedule is key to achieve higher up time.

Industrial Automation Maintenance

Industrial Automation Maintenance goal is to keep our customers productive and profitable with Well maintained automation systems. EPTeck understands the importance of keeping a well maintained automation system.

Maintenance for new and legacy systems
Access to expert engineers who consult and support your engineering team
Knowledge of the entire automation process
Backup of PLC program

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